Terms & Conditions

+ Any payment made by the client acknowledges their acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined here.
+ New payments made by clients acknowledge their acceptance of changes in our terms and conditions from when they may have initially submitted payment.
+ If you selected one of our programs, the service term spans 365 days from the due date of initial invoice. Programs will automatically renew annually with the same services and a 4% service fee increase for each subsequent term. Clients must notify cancellation before the term ends to avoid automatic renewal.
+ Services will pause if payments deviate from the agreed upon payment schedule.
+ Clients are responsible for watering and maintaining turf at recommended heights, essential for the effectiveness of our services.
+ The company takes precautions to avoid property damage; if caused, repairs or replacements are limited to the service cost.
+ Neither party is liable for delays due to uncontrollable circumstances; prompt notification and efforts to resume performance are expected.
+ Disputes are subject to arbitration per American Arbitration Association rules, with the arbitrator's decision being final. Each party bears its arbitration costs.
+ The agreement is governed by Florida laws. Legal actions must be brought to state or federal courts within Florida.
+ The company maintains comprehensive liability insurance, with clients able to request proof at any time, promptly provided upon request.